Wholesale Scrap Metal Dealers

With many years of experience in the scrap metal industry, C & Y Global has built long-term relationships with our suppliers and customers through open, honest and transparent communication. We believe in serving our customers and providing a seamless experience. Our reputation, credibility and devotion to customer satisfaction is what really sets us apart.

C & Y can be described in 3 words


C & Y is not your typical scrap yard. We focus on the wholesale collection and export of all types of non-ferrous scrap metal. With scrap yards throughout the U.S., C & Y can focus on minimizing inefficiencies from retail purchasing and processing of scrap by concentrating on quality control, quick inventory turnover and logistics. Our staff maximizes every minute of the working day through our streamlined export model.


The owners and shareholders of C & Y Global are directly involved in the day-to-day operations and business-to-business relations. Their attention to detail, work ethic and constant focus are reflected from the top down to our workforce. No customer request or requirement is too small, and our employees are encouraged and empowered to make decisions to improve communication, internal processes, and efficiencies on the day-to-day operations. We at C & Y try to be as effective as possible.


Processing yards at multiple locations in Thailand allow us to concentrate on customer service and speedy material handling in our U.S. locations. Our customized inventory management software provides real-time access and accountability to and for our entire material stock. This allows us to minimize loss and ensure payments are made accurately and on time.